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Cloud-Based Phone System and Why To Choose It?

Cloud-Based Phone System by Digital Carbon


Cloud-based phone systems are becoming more and more popular due to their many advantages over traditional on-premises PBX systems. Cloud-based phone systems are highly scalable, flexible and offer a wide range of features at a much lower cost than traditional phone systems. In addition, cloud-based phone systems offer a host of features that are simply not available with on-premises PBX systems. Moreover, a cloud-based phone system is able to grow with the business and can easily be adapted to changes in accordance with enterprise needs. However, here are some reasons why one should choose to consider a cloud-based phone system for a business.

Significance of Phone Systems for Businesses

For an organisation, the most essential thing is communication that is required for the smooth functioning of its business operations. For that, businesses need a reliable and effective phone system to stay connected with their clients, business partners and employees. Cloud-based phone systems are one of the best ways to get an inexpensive yet feature-rich phone system for a company as businesses are looking to save on their IT spending and these phone systems come with the benefits of low cost, cloud computing and easy-to-deploy features.

Phone Systems: Cloud-based vs Traditional

The cloud-based phone system is a hosted solution and relies on an internet connection for communication. Phone lines are provided by the service providers. It requires less upfront expenditure as it is a monthly or annual payment. One can avoid the large upfront payment of an on-premise PBX system, yet will enjoy the feature-rich phone system. On the contrary, traditional phone systems require expensive servers and equipment to operate. While the companies still need to buy modems and other networking hardware including software and license which are required for the software to operate.

Why to Choose Cloud-based Phone System

Manageability is one of the major advantages of cloud-based phone systems. It provides the flexibility to manage features and functions without any technical expertise. Regular updates keep the device secure, functional and compatible with other system elements like computers, printers etc. One can also add new features or modify existing ones without any hassle. Moreover, it also gives the liberty of customising the system as per the requirements of the company by adding new features and functionalities that is not possible in the traditional phone system.

Cloud-based phone systems are ideal for remote offices, new branches or small companies where it is not feasible to invest in on-premise phone systems. It is easy to get started with a cloud-based phone system with just one connection to the internet being ready to go. The company only needs an internet connection, which is very affordable and will provide unlimited communication and collaboration within and outside the company.

It is also very easy to manage and maintain cloud phone systems. Various service providers offer maintenance services at affordable prices to avoid costly on-site maintenance or the need for hiring a system administrator for daily activities like taking backups, updating software etc. Furthermore, the wait times for customer support are shorter as the company can get in touch with the service provider directly.

Scalability and flexibility are two other major advantages that a business can enjoy by choosing a cloud-based phone system. A company can grow without any limitations of the phone system itself. By paying additional charges for additional users or devices, companies can easily add more users and devices to their existing communication system which is the major advantage of cloud-based phone systems that have made it easier for enterprises and organisations to scale up their operations whenever they need.

Furthermore, there are numerous additional benefits of cloud-based phone systems that give them a significant edge over traditional phone systems. These are as follows;

  • Reduced Costs: Cloud-based phone systems can help reduce the monthly phone bill by leveraging the power of the internet.
  • Increased Functionality: With a cloud-based system, it is easy to access the phone system from anywhere in the world, giving greater flexibility and mobility.
  • Enhanced Security: A cloud-based system is more secure than traditional phone systems as it is hosted in a data centre with multiple layers of security.
  • Easy to Use: Cloud-based phone systems are very easy to use and do not require any special training or equipment. They are plug and play, which means they can simply be plugged in the phone lines to begin using them.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Cloud-based phone systems often come with built-in conferencing features that allow employees to collaborate easily with customers or suppliers, regardless of time or location.
  • Increased Productivity: A cloud-based phone system allows to easily access the contacts, so there is no need for memorising or writing down phone numbers.
  • Reliability: Cloud-based systems are highly reliable due to the multiple redundancies available in the data centre. Cloud-based phone systems can rest assured that the hosted company will be able to continue doing business even if there are power outages, internet connection issues or other problems.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based phone systems allow to easily add, remove and suspend services as needed, at any time.
  • Low Upfront Costs: Unlike traditional phone systems that require an upfront hardware investment of thousands of dollars, cloud-based phone systems are usually less than $100 per month for each phone line.
  • Enhanced Business Processes: A cloud-based system can help to comply with the business requirements in an efficient manner, allowing to focus on what matters most for the company.
  • Improved Customer Service: With a cloud-based phone system, one can use features such as call forwarding and caller ID to enhance the customer service experience.
  • Green Solution: Cloud-based phone systems help reduce the carbon footprint by minimising the need for on-premise hardware and software. Hence, making the solution environmentally sustainable as well.

Why to Choose Cloud-Based Phone System

Thus, from the above-mentioned benefits, it is evident that cloud-based phone systems are the way to go for businesses of all sizes. They offer a host of advantages that traditional phone systems cannot match, making them the ideal choice for today’s modern business environment.


There are many reasons why one should choose and switch to a cloud-based phone system. The above are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by making the switch. With a cloud-based phone system, communication and collaboration with employees, customers and suppliers can significantly be improved, while enjoying greater flexibility and reliability.

If you would like to learn more how to migrate to a Cloud-Based Phone System with reliable quality of service over low-cost internet circuit have a look at our Work from Anywhere Solution.

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Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
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To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.