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SD-WAN by Digital Carbon

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has transformed corporate networks and given them greater flexibility.

So you want to take advantage of the benefits of SD-WAN? You may be considering numerous questions, such as which implementation partners to work with or what the best deployment architectures are.  But one big decision is whether to “Co-Managed Service” or to choose a “Fully Managed Service”.  Whichever model you choose, Digital Carbon has you covered.

While a Do-It-Yourself model gives you more flexibility and control, there are a greater number of issues that need attention. These include where to source hardware and software, which vendors to choose, and how to train staff who will manage the network. With Digital Carbon, deploying a Co-Managed solution becomes much easier.

Co-Managed SD-WAN Service gives you the ability to choose and change components as required.
Take control of your own SD-WAN.
Manage your own deployments and operations of the SD-WAN.
Make your own strategic decisions as to how and where the SD-WAN is deployed.
Operate your own SD-WAN and have it integrated with existing business processes.
Take control of your budget with regards to deployment and management of the SD-WAN.
Managed SD-WAN services by Digital Carbon

Digital Carbon
SD-WAN Co-Managed Services

If you choose the Co-Managed deployment option of SD-WAN, Digital Carbon will support you along the way without any additional contracts or fees to pay.  We will  become a trusted advisor and extension of your team, providing you with personalised strategy and solution planning.

As a vendor-agnostic provider and value-added reseller we can procure the right SD-WAN platform for your business and advise on the best underlying networks for a particular location. Additionally, we can support you in the setup and deployment of the network.

Unlimited Vendor Options
Personalised Strategy
Negotiated Pricing
Trusted Advisor
No Costs

Customer Satisfaction

All of our customers which we supported are satisfied with our service

Deployed Devices

We supported the deployment of over 170+ SD-WAN devices

Global Internet Connections

We have deployment over 200 internet connections which are supporting SD-WAN

Managed Customers

We manage over 20+ SD-WAN networks for our customers

Working with a Co-Managed SD-WAN Provider enables organizations to still be in control of their network while at the same time having expert support on hand. A Co-Managed SD-WAN Service allows you to have more control while at the same time reduces your network costs. A Co-Managed SD-WAN is a service if you want to keep track of your costs and resources while you modernize your WAN infrastructure. We customize all our solutions by keeping our customer’s preferences but still meeting the networking requirements.

With Digital Carbon’s Co-Managed SD-WAN Service, we provide all of the hardware and software needed for a SD-WAN solution including the design, setup and deployment of the service.  Then our clients are able to co-manage the service in-house together with our team of experts in the background if any additional support is needed.

As a Co-Managed SD-WAN provider, after the initial deployment of a tailored SD-WAN solution our clients experience an instant improvement in network performance for both cloud-based and on-premises resources.  Our SD-WAN solutions are easy to manage after the on-premise training provided by our team of experts which is included as part of our Co-Managed SD-WAN service. It makes WAN operations and network visibility all that easier.

Co-Managed SD-WAN solutions are becoming increasingly popular, no matter the size of the organization. Co-Managed SD-WAN Providers have extensive experience, and comprehensive knowledge, and the sole purpose of many is to integrate SD-WAN solutions with cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Another distinctly attractive aspect of Co-Managed solutions are additional features like self-control, centralized management, ease of use, analytics and reporting.

Co-Managed SD-WAN gives the freedom to the IT team within enterprises as they can save the time involved in administrative tasks and have the liberty to make changes in SD-WAN policies and configurations whenever they feel the need. As some companies are bound by compliance rules to retain direct control on the company’s network. With our Co-Managed SD-WAN solution IT teams have easily access to our team of experts for any additional support. This also enables the IT team’s to remain informed with any recommended SD-WAN design or policy requirements including additional platform enhancements. As a Co-Managed SD-WAN provider and after the initial SD-WAN Deployment, you would also gain 24/7 access to our support desk where our team of experts will be on standby for any support requirements you may have.

Today organizations are successfully sharing their workloads working together with Co-Managed SD-WAN Providers. Organizations get the benefits of a professional SD-WAN deployment including design, configuration and training which is offered by Digital Carbon, but at the same time having full-control of their network. Working together with a Co-Managed SD-WAN provider our customers enjoy increased savings, better cloud connectivity, business continuity, network security, visibility, and full control. As a provider of Co-Managed SD-WAN services, our team of experts make sure that the SD-WAN service is being properly managed and with the most efficient configurations and the required policies which comply with modern SD-WAN deployment standards.


Technology Partner

Your Network, Your Choice

At Digital Carbon, we offer our customers a choice of SD-WAN deployment and management models, from a do-it-yourself solution to a fully managed service, depending on your needs and requirements.
Managed SD-WAN
  • Vendor independent
  • Setup and deployment
  • Pro-active monitoring
  • Support desk
Managed SD-WAN
  • Setup and deployment
  • SD-WAN integrated with MPLS
  • MPLS gateways
  • Support desk
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • Rapid deployment
  • Wireless 4G/LTE connectivity included
  • For temporary connectivity

SD-WAN Consultation?

We have a team of experts waiting to support you on your journey to software-defined networking. Get in touch for a free and contract-less online consultation.
Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
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To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.
Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.