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by Digital Carbon

SASE secures all users independent of their location if they are working from home or in the office. It provides secure access to applications which are hosted on premises or within the cloud. Managed SASE by Digital Carbon provides a cloud service model with a single place to manage business policy, configurations and monitoring.

Managed SASE by Digital Carbon provides you a secure, optimal and automated access to applications in the cloud or on-premises by extending software-defined networking and security to data centres and major cloud providers.  Cloud managed SASE protects both users and applications against threats by deploying a zero trust network access (ZTNA) policy, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and next-generation secure web gateway (SWG).

With a global distributed points or presents (PoPs) in strategical locations which serve as an on-ramp to SaaS and other cloud services to easily scale an organisations requirements. Deploying SASE enables benefits such as better application performance and improved data security, enabling consistently optimised network access from anywhere. In addition, the best SASE solutions deliver operational simplicity and are based on a cloud-first approach.


Combine Network
and Security Services

Networking and Security are Converging in the Cloud

  • SASE solution provides consistent, secure access from anywhere
  • Integrated networking and security which reduce operational complexity.
  • A SASE solution which takes a cloud-first approach.
  • Cloud-native platform for on-ramp to public and private cloud.
  • Unified secure access for branch, campus, and mobile users.
  • Web and security policy control.

Cloud First Approach

Enable multi-cloud interconnect with cloud gateways which is easy to consume and scale.

Assured Application Performance

Ensure user access and an optimized experience for mission-critical applications, even with a single link and degraded network conditions.

ZTNA Security

Protect against attacks at all levels with robust security, including contextual access, network security, application protection and traffic encryption.

Operational Simplicity

Simplify operations with automation, zero-touch provisioning and analytics which provide actionable insights.
SASE by Digital Carbon

Cloud Web Security

Many of today’s organisations are adopting SaaS and Internet applications which have increased exponentially.  However IT sanctioned applications such as Microsoft 365 make up a small percentage of the overall landscape. Many of the SaaS and Internet applications used today by employees are consumed without IT consent or any administration. While these apps are important for business productivity, they may pose risks because there is little or no IT oversight. These risks include advanced threats, malware, and exposure of data by accident or intent.

SASE Cloud Web Security is a cloud-hosted service that protects users and infrastructure accessing SaaS and Internet applications from a changing threat landscape, offers visibility and control, and ensures compliance. Part of Managed SASE (secure access service edge) Cloud Web Security is delivered through a global network of SASE points of presence (PoPs) to ensure optimal access to applications.  They are used to connect users located anywhere to SaaS and Internet applications, with security enforcement applied along the most optimal path.

Local Presence Delivered In The Cloud
Single Management Pane
Security For Anywhere Users
Reduced Operational Costs
Agile Security Posture
Managed Service
SASE Secure Access by Digital Carbon

Secure Access

Secure Access by Digital Carbon is a remote access solution that addresses the challenges of users becoming increasingly mobile.  Based on a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) framework, the cloud-hosted solution offers multiple benefits over traditional VPN solutions proving users with consistent, optimal and secure application access.

The Secure Access solution by Digital Carbon provides remote and mobile users a consistent, optimal and secure cloud application access through a network of worldwide managed service nodes.  The solution is based on a ZTNA architecture that offers multiple benefits over traditional VPN solutions.

ZTNA Framework
Cloud-Hosted Remote Access
Multi-Region Access
Manage Remote Users Access
Remote Access-as-a-Service
Protecting Remote Users from web threats

Digital Carbon
Intelligence & Support Desk

Digital Carbon Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic artificial intelligence (AI) analytics platform with a focus on the network edge.  It provides visibility, not only on the WAN but all the way to LAN devices. Edge Intelligence provides Digital Carbon’s Network Operation Centre insights into connected devices, which includes home Wi-Fi networks, to analyse and remediate common remote connection problems such as dropped VoIP calls and jittery video conference issues.

Digital Carbon Intelligence uses machine learning (ML) techniques, including nearest neighbour and unsupervised clustering algorithms, to automatically isolate faults, identify the root cause, make recommendations and predict benefits.  Working together with Digital Carbon’s support desk, customers have seen a 50% reduction in time to find and fix remote connectivity issues from remote locations.

Rich Client Experience
Pro-active Remediation
Support Desk
Advanced Analytics
AL/ML Foresight
Intelligence and Support

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To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.
Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.