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Cloud Edge Platform

NFV, VNF and uCPE are hot topics. But what do those terms mean? And how can they help you achieve your goals regarding innovation in communications and computing?

Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform is a solution which combines SD-WAN with Edge Compute driven by a self-service portal.  Giving you the control to deploy any app to any Edge when you need it.  Together with the built-in SD-WAN it provides your edge apps and end-users reliable and optimized connectivity back to your datacenter’s, remote sites and any cloud such as Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud.

The Digital Carbon Cloud Director self-service portal has an App Catalogue with a vast collection of commercially available VNFs. You can quickly deploy an edge appliance with just one click. You can also upload your own in-house VMs, Apps, or Containers to the App Catalogue for easy deployment to the Edge whenever you need them.

Deploy only the applications which you need from our App Catalogue.
A self-service portal to deploy the applications to the Edge when you need.
Get better management and visibility of your Edge Device via the self-service portal.
Make your own strategic decisions as to what application and where to deploy.
With our open API's allows you to integrate the platform with your operational systems.
Deploy only one device with a limitless of possibilities with a small footprint and power consumption.
Where is the Cloud?

Where is the Edge?

There is a spectrum of cloud computing today. At one end are the massive and centralized data centers utilized by the web scale operators and public cloud providers such as Azure, AWS or GCP. At the other end is the tiny computer in your smart phone.  The diagram on the left shows this range of deployments.

What are the drivers for Edge Virtual Network Functions (VNF’s)

Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform provides solutions which are focused on the Customer Edge or Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).  The drivers for these applications or Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and how they differ from centralized clouds are listed below.

Low Latency & High Bandwidth
Reduced Backhauling
Security & Sovereignty
Scalable Cost & Lower Power
Autonomy & Resilience

Customer Premise Equipment

uCPE is a classic example of edge computing.  By using generic compute at the customer edge, our customers have the power to replace or chain communications applications (routers, firewalls, SD-WAN, load-balances, etc.) with software applications (VNFs) running on standard open hardware.  And even better, you can change the functions in real-time as your requirements change.  Want to add a firewall to your managed SD-WAN service? Go to the Digital Carbon Cloud Director Portal and add it!

Digital Carbon uCPE

Cloud Edge and uCPE

Increase Choice

This is one of the main reasons why Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) was invented back in 2012. To move from a closed single-function application to an open cloud-centric architecture. Doing so enabling competition, cost reduction, flexibility to deploy best-of-breed components, and faster innovation. It shifted some of the power from the suppliers over to the consumers and cloud functionality to the edge of the networks.

Increase Service Velocity

The virtualized model means a radical reduction in the cost to deploy a new service. A unit can be shipped to an end user and service turned up without a technician on site. A uCPE can be equipped with an LTE or 5G interface, enabling service activation even when there is no wireline connectivity. This model even opens the door to try-before-you-buy offerings at your own premises with activation within a few seconds.

Increase Speed of Innovation

Our customers realize that Edge Computing and uCPE have matured to the point where it can be the basis for innovative services.  These users can start today with a solution that’s upgradeable to support tomorrow’s innovation.  They can start with Remote Access then migrate to SD-WAN and then later to SASE.  Or begin with custom VMs and transition to containers.  This flexibility is in strong contrast to a hardware-centric approach where every innovation involves rip-and-replace and a new deployment cycle.

Reduction of Latency

Users of cloud data centres assume their workloads can run anywhere, and latency is not a major consideration.  In contrast, some applications especially those linked to IoT have strict limits on latency. With Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform you are able to move these workloads to the edge within the uCPE together with other VNFs.

Reduction in CAPEX costs

When customers deploy a new hardware solution it is usually tied to CAPEX costs of the hardware including the physical installation and licenses for the software.  With the Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform, you only need to install the uCPE once and when your software license ends you can migrate to a new solution within seconds from the comfort of your desk without changing the underlying hardware proving you with time and CAPEX savings.

Increase Supply Chain Resilience

Selecting the right hardware might depend on cost, CPU cores, interface, power, 5G options – or in this case availability.  Taking an open approach with uCPE means that you have options for mitigating supply chain disruptions.  Your preferred hardware might not be available because of disruptions due to weather, earthquakes, political unrest, disease or shortage in semiconductors.  If your initial hardware choice is unavailable, you can select a similar replacement – without changing your software partners or your operational procedures.  It may not be an overnight change, but it’s easier than replacing one closed application with another.  We are even seeing our customers move existing deployments from closed appliances to VNFs hosted on uCPE for this reason alone.


Real-World Use Cases

Managed SD-WAN + Firewall
This is the most common initial application for virtualized services. Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform offers a variety of popular services, giving a choice in terms of vendors and minimizing costs. It is usually the first step on the path of breaking the single-vendor silos and accelerating innovation.
Unmanaged Applications
With the public cloud, you can manage your own applications without worrying about the underlying hardware. Would you like to have the same thing with your communications services? With this model Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform provides connectivity and hosting – but you just manage the applications.
Thin Router on the Edge
The availability of economical uCPEs means Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform can deploy a virtualized endpoint Router such as VyOS for secure routed access at a lower cost than a dedicated router appliance. And they can be upgraded with additional functions on demand.
IoT and Smart Office or Factory
Smart devices and IoT require distributed computing for controlling the multitude of managed devices. With a uCPE deployed on the edge, you have all of the computing power with low latency to achieve this vision.
Hosted Private Workloads
Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform enables you to run your own applications alongside the virtualized VNFs. This will minimize the need for you to deploy and manage any additional hardware on-site.

A Modernized Edge Architecture
for Manufacturing

Manufacturing needs to combine data originating at the factory site with machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence to help improve operations, become more agile, and capture next-generation business opportunities.

A Modernized Edge Architecture
for Retail

Retailers want to deliver new services and digital experiences for their employees and customers close to the locations where data is produced and consumed. To meet this need, Digital Carbon developed a retail edge solution architecture.
Cloud Edge Architecture

Platform Architecture

On-Premise Edge

Which includes the uCPE from a variety of 3rd party vendors with a high-performing hosting platform (Hypervisor).  The software solution provides the operation features for deploying edge VNFs at a pay-as-you-go billing model.

Cloud Hub Services

A centralized cloud platform which provides virtualized infrastructure and management of the Edge platforms.  It also holds a catalogue of Apps and VNFs available for deployment.


A number of SaaS applications with easy-to-use user interfaces to orchestrate and manage your On-Premises Edges and VNFs.  This includes the Digital Carbon Cloud Director to deploy and enable new VNFs from the App Catalogue including your own custom workloads.


Customer Satisfaction

All of our customers which we supported are satisfied with our service

Deployed Devices

We supported the deployment of over 170+ uCPE & SD-WAN devices

Global Internet Connections

We have deployment over 200 internet connections which are supporting Edge Platforms

Managed Customers

We manage over 20+ SD-WAN & Edge Compute for our customers

A Truly Open
and Multivendor

The success of Digital Carbon Cloud Edge and uCPE relies on our ecosystem of partners. This provides us support in a wide variety of applications and workloads from our software, hardware and technology providers.

Industry’s Largest App Catalogue of Commercial VNFs

Together with our partners, we have ensembled one of the largest catalogues of commercially available VNFs.  All these are available via the Digital Carbon Cloud Director management portal and ready to be deployed in seconds.  The list below shows a recent sample of VNFs.  But the list is always growing, and customers can also onboard their own VNFs themselves.

Large Portfolio of uCPE Hardware

Much of the value of Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform resides in the ability to use a wide variety of uCPEs.  This includes uCPE from multiple vendors using a wide range of x86 CPUs, from low-end Intel Atom to multi-socket Xeon CPUs.  The list below shows a recent snapshot of our most popular devices, and we are adding new models all the time.

A Complete Solution Today and a Path to Innovate Tomorrow

The Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Solution is deployed worldwide, powering today’s communication and edge computing use cases. But its real power comes from being an open platform for innovation for tomorrow’s applications.

Let us show you how Digital Carbon Cloud Edge Platform is pushing the cloud to the edge!
Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.
Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.