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SD-WAN Vendors

As cloud adoption accelerates, SD-WAN solutions are evolving to meet the requirements of network and security teams by integrating hybrid IT architectures. The capabilities and use cases of SD-WAN vendors are varied and not created equal. Digital Carbon’s focus is to evaluate all SD-WAN vendors and to recommend the best solution to meet our customers requirements.
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Cisco Viptela
Cisco Viptela
Cisco SD-WAN offers advanced analytics, monitoring and automation for a wide variety of connections across the enterprise network.
VMware Velocloud
VMware SD-WAN Edge is a compact and zero-touch enterprise-grade solution that provides optimised and secure connectivity to private, public and hybrid applications.
Fortinet with its built-in next generation firewall (NGFW) delivering security and WAN optimization with its on-premises appliance.
Versa Networks
Versa FlexVNF is a multi-service, multi-tenant software platform that enables customers to deploy a fully software-defined secure branch.
HPE Silver Peak
Silver Peak's platform offers First-packet iQ application classification technology, which identifies applications on the first packet.

The Best Solution
For Your Business

As independent experts, we evaluate each of the top SD-WAN vendors and compare their features, performance and management to provide you with a  SD-WAN Vendors comprehensive report.

  • How easy is the solution to use, i.e. out of the box performance and management interface?
  • Application optimisation and performance, i.e. WAN, SaaS and Cloud optimisation, UCaaS optimisation with QoE (quality of experience).
  • Inclusion of secure access service edge (SASE).
  • The pricing and cost-effectiveness of SD-WAN solutions.
  • Cloud access across AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.
  • How does the solution integrate with third party services?

Compare SD-WAN
Features and Performance

SD-WAN Comparison

We provide our customer with the solutions which meets their requirements, and we understand that not every SD-WAN platform is the same.  Therefore, our technical consultants examine all the SD-WAN products which are being offered by the different network virtualization vendors on the market. We analyze the collection of services that are being offered by the vendors and then recommend the best fit solution to our clients.

With the emergence of cloud technology, enterprise IT requirements have been facilitated tremendously. No more the enterprises and organizations require to buy and manage software for the creation of SD-WAN solutions. Additionally, there is no need to buy hardware or any sort of communication software or special appliance. SD-WAN are immensely replacing the traditional VPNs as a VPN establish a single connection across the internet and all traffic flows through it. SD-WAN establish multiple simultaneous connections.

We work with the different SD-WAN vendors and ensure that we negotiate the best deals for our clients. We provide the best solutions while being within the budget provided to us by our clients. We work with the best SD-WAN vendors and select them according to the following criteria:

  • If it’s a cloud-based Platform
  • Browser based console that can help enterprises with management tasks.
  • Cost free assessment opportunity for our clients that is facilitated with a free demo.
  • Secure connections that are supported by VPNs over the internet.
  • For each site to have an automated address pool segmentation.
  • A flexible system that offers the option of changing underlying connection without the re-mapping of network addresses.

These criteria’s for selecting the best SD-WAN vendors are carved by our technical experts who are constantly working for providing the best possible solutions for our customers. Our team has carefully examined all the SD-WAN products of the top SD-WAN vendors and then come up with the most appropriate choices for our valued customers.

VeloCloud by VMware

VMware has captured the market at the largest scale. It is ranked as the biggest server virtualization provider. It is cloud based and can easily combine multiple sites with cloud platforms. An appliance is required on each site and upgrade to SASE is available. VMware is immensely trusted enterprise Virtualization Company.


If you are looking for high-performance network security solutions which can give protection to the enterprise, users and data, Fortinet is good choice. It provides a broad portfolio of products and a centralized management. The end-to-end infrastructure is smooth and secure. Fortinet is known for its in-depth knowledge in security software. It surely has more on-prem security experience than its competitors.

HPE Silver Peak

HPE Silver Peak is also a leader in SD-WAN vendor in the industry. It is being popularly used all around the world and more than 1500 production SD-WAN customers are present.

Versa Networks

VersaFlexVNF is known for its high performance and scalability. It’s multi-tenancy feature allows segmentation of data and the additional control plane gives complete isolation within branches and departments. Versa offers the feature of ZTP which reduce the deployment time and also lowers the time that is needed for change management among various sites.

Cisco Viptela

An open, scalable, and programmable Cisco Viptela is a highly secure cloud-scale architecture. Speed, security and efficiency is immensely increased among branches, offices, campuses and co-location facilities. The feature-rich platforms of Cisco Viptela support multiple VPN configurations. It is easy to establish connectivity through Cisco Viptela.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto provides upgrades to SASE, connection privacy, and covers wireless system. It offers a highly centralized cloud-resistant console. It performs SSL offloading and give protection to inter-site traffic.

Download The Full SD-WAN Vendors Comparison Report

Download your copy of the SD-WAN Vendors Comparison Report and learn the differences between all the top SD-WAN solutions regarding features, performance and management. Choose the vendor that is right for your business.
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Our head office is located in the tech hub of East London Tech City
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To stay up to date with the latest news and technologies, follow us on our social media channels.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Digital Carbon. All rights reserved.